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Variety Cruises


Cruises are perceived as being only for retired people or obnoxious families, with overly touristy activities offered at the destination sites. 


22-35 year-olds in major cities with no kids, make $70-100k/year, are well-educated and care about other people’s opinions. They don’t want to take the time to plan a trip and don’t want to go to any another city that their friends’ just posted about on Instagram.


Coming from educated backgrounds, the target audience is eager to share their knowledge, but often fall short when it comes to  certain region's geographies, as seen in this viral video.


By focusing on Variety's exclusive destination choice and the target audience’s need to look smart, this campaign uses fairly unknown facts about Seychelles and direct brand/consumer engagement to execute them.

Strategy: Asai Meyer, Art Direction: Asai Meyer, Copywriting: Asai Meyer

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