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Asai, born and raised in Austin, Texas, is a brand strategist and graduate of SCAD where she had the chance to work and study in their campuses around the world. Her art school background has ensured she's been surrounded by creative people and knows how to work with them, like making sure to give them useful directions instead of thinking that guidance will 'restrict their creative freedom'.

Her work ethic is rooted in tiger mom principles and German resilience, meaning she welcomes criticism and doesn’t complain when her ideas don't see the light of day.

She lives for finding the small truths of the world which become insights which become strategies for how brands should communicate which become validation that she’s doing something interesting in life.

In her spare time she dissects people’s captions on Instagram, reads memoirs (this is the last great one she read), and empathizes with Tony Soprano.

Tell her the latest rabbit hole you went down or ask for her CV at

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